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I have a question or two regarding the "US only" limitation that is currently announced that I hope can be answered.

From what I've read, RBN is going to be limited to US users initially:

1) Is it the submission side or also the consumer side that will have this limitation (can I buy but not submit, or neither?)

2) Can anyone give a rough estimate (weeks? months? years?
ever?) as to when someone in another country (for my purposes, Canada) might see the US-limited functionality?

3) What is the limitation based on? Assuming I don't have an XNA membership yet and would have to sign up for one (and forgive me that I'm not very familiar with XNA), would having someone with a US mailing address create the account, and then using it myself suffice? Does an XNA have to be tied to the xbox live account that is tied to my xbox console (which would have a canadian account)? Similarly, I'm reading that the XNA account has to be "tied" to a bank account for direct deposits of the commissions - does this have to be a US bank or could a Canadian bank account in US funds suffice?

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to answer. Appreciate it, as I'm very excited about this RBN thing.



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    Pretty sure it's just for submitting. We should be able to DL the songs as consumers.
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    1) only submission is limited
    2) no
    3) it's illegal. No one here will help you to bypass the system. If you get caught, you will be banned (from XNA, maybe Xbox Live too)

    We are in the same boat, I live outside the USA, too.
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    I thought I clicked post but I don't see my post, so I'll rewrite it and I apologise if it ends up posted twice.

    Can you explain why exactly it would be illegal? I'm not entirely familiar with XNA accounts, so I don't know if they are tied to a specific Xbox live account or a specific console, so I'm not sure what the legal issue you mention is. If An American XNA account holder happened to be in Canada, would it be illegal for him to log in there? Similarly, would it therefore be illegal for the XNA member to allow a Canadian to log in with their account and submit a file which will still be credited to an American XNA user with an american citizen's identification and bank account and address, etc. From what I'm reading from some of those "offering their services" in one of the sticky posts, some are going to offer submission services for out-of-country folk who track their own work, for a comission on each sale. I'm curious what the legal difference is between shipping my completed files to John Q. XNA in the US vs. logging in on John Q. XNA's account from Canada and doing the actual upload.

    I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm simply curious what the illegality actually is. I also don't know what the technical constraints are or aren't (whether someone in Canada can even log into a US-registered XNA account - is it tied to a specific console? Does xbox have one of those "you are not in the US, so you can't log in" location censors like all of the US Television networks have on their online videos?)

    My issue is basically that I would be interested in working on this RBN project, tracking files for those musicians I have connections with; But I would like to know if there is any way for me to actually participate. I could certainly track files in Reaper, but without XNA account access to audition the songs, I would have a hard time testing my work. If I had a "partner" in the US who actually had the XNA account in their name, address and bank account, my question is basically if I would be able to do that stuff work though their account, or if I would have to actually send that person the Reaper files, and only they, physically located in the US could use that account to audition and submit the songs.

    Thank you for your time
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    You can make a person in the US submit your songs with HIS account, but it's illegal to use an account that is not assigned to you, especially if you live in another country. I'm just pointing out the rules, that's all.
    If you want to know the reasons for those rules take a look at the XNA forum. But if you think about it, it's just logical.
    XNA is tied to your Xbox Live account and you can use your account on any xbox in the world.
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