Help! Wireless Guitar Dongle Not Working.

rodrigosprodrigosp Unsigned
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I live in Brazil and I just returned from Australia, where I bought a Rock Band Bundle for the PS3.
When I started to install it, I realized that the dongle for the guitar is simply not working, the light doesn't turn red.
What a disappoitment!!! Spending so much money on a game that comes broken from the store!
Does anyone know where I can find a new dongle for my game? Here in Brazil the game wasn't officialy released, so I can't count with the warranty here.
Thanks a lot!


  • CCDaDonCCDaDon Headliner
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    I have a problem with my PS3 and the dongle. I usually put it in and leave the room to do something, when I come back in it should be on. Have you tried leaving it in for an extended period of time?

    Also, I thought the game was a world wide release, did they not release it in Brazil?
  • rodrigosprodrigosp Unsigned
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    Hi. Actually, the PS3 hasn't been officialy released in Brazil. As for the Rock Band.
    I tried it but it doesn't work at all. I got in contact with the Techinal Support of EA and they told me they can ship a new one, but only in US. If only I knew someone from there.
    But, is there anywhere I can find a new one to buy?
  • CCDaDonCCDaDon Headliner
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    The PS3 hasn't been released in Brazil?

    I don't know what the hell sony was thinking on that one.

    Sorry man I don't know what to do for you. Where'd you get your PS3 from?
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