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Just auditioned my first track, gotta say it's pretty cool to see your own song in the game!

However, I noticed my vocal slides aren't showing up right. I'm pretty sure I authored them correctly, I used a + for the second note. My understanding is that the game is supposed to connect the two notes. Instead it breaks it up into two notes instead of the first note sliding into the next. See the attached image to see the midi data.

I'm probably making a silly mistake, anyone have any idea?
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  • BillyBlaze314BillyBlaze314 Unsigned
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    The problem is that the end of the note for 'that' comes right up to the start of the note for '+'. You need to leave some space between, and that's where it will slide.
  • GuitarDude5321GuitarDude5321 Unsigned
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    Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks!
  • MarklefordMarkleford Opening Act
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    Just a summary here for anyone that finds this topic later in a search...

    * If you want to create a slide, each successive note with a "+" lyric attached acts as a "destination" for the note tube.

    * The gap *between* your connected notes, while in gameplay, will act as if you drew a diagonal line between the *endpoints* of the notes to either side. This will be the "ramp" up or down in the chart that indicates a slide.

    * The smaller you make this gap, the quicker the jump will be: no gap means it's instantaneous.

    * If you want to "slide into" a note, make the first *note* very short, but the gap can be as long as you want to its first destination.

    * If you want the note to "fall off", make the final note very short.

    Slip-slidin' away...

    - m
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
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    Cool. I was just about to ask about that. Thanks for beating me to the punch, GuitarDude
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