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What is the best way to get the first measure of music to line up with the tempo map (Ex: I want the downbeat of the song to land on measure 1 of the 1st meaure of music) the track I am using has some lead in prior to the first downbeat that isn't in time. Should I edit the track using Pro-Tools or is there a way to do it in Reaper. Editing the rest of the track should be a breeze because its recorded to a metronome with absolutely no tempo changes, just trying to line up the first measure and having no success thus far. Thanks in advance.


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    BPM the blank space so you can have a downbeat at the proper start of your song. Then BPM the first measure. Change your BPM at the start to what your first measure is. Shift all your tracks so the song starts at least 3.5 seconds in, or you have 2 full bars beforehand if the BPM is really slow.

    That method should work for all songs, unless there is a lead-in note, which makes it a little more fun in the end.
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