Issues with Tempo Mapping

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Fingers crossed that I'm a moron and I'm missing something simple, and can actually start getting into the meat of authoring soon...

To put it simply, when I line up the next measure and press Q, it calculates the tempo from the start of the last measure up to that one. So I try to designate a spot at around 4 and a half measures in as the start of measure 4, and it makes it measure 5 and calculates the tempo from that half measure. This has resulted in my tempo being off by several hundred BPM. This is counter-productive to say the least.

I've been batting at this ball of yarn for hours now. I need some help. Sadface emoticon.

Also, is there a reason that my stems are playing back at a rate of 1.302? Am I meant to change this somehow? That can't be helping.


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    Nevermind. Once I realized how to make manually changing tempos work for me, I was able to barrel ahead. And a test render of what I had let me know that I need to get my track rate to a universal 1.000.

    Note to prospective song authors out there: Think twice about making your first project one with a fluctuating time signature or a number of gradual slowdowns. Those can cause some ugly hurdles.
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    I think one thing that happens with the macro is that it moves to the nearest beat, so if your tempo is off by quite a bit from the last measure (like, more than 25%), the macro isn't going to work.

    If you find that the transient you are marking as the end of the measure is far beyond the end of the measure according to the tempo track, manually change the tempo envelope (drag up and down in the envelope) until the measure marker is pretty close. Then tab to the transient and use the macro, and it should snap to the right place.

    Another thing that's important when you are starting out is making sure that you have enough lead-in time before your first note. 3.5 seconds is ideal, anything less than 2.5 seconds is not allowed. If you start tempo mapping and notice later on that you have to move all the tracks further from the start, it's a big pain to get the tempo markers back to where they should be.
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