Magma error when trying to look for Xbox 360

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Hey gang,

Having spent a couple of hours authoring a song in the wonderful Reaper, I thought "Great! Time to check it out in game, see if it works." It built like a charm after battling through a few error codes.

However, on hitting Author and getting the "Transfer to Xbox" button, I was, and am, stumped. On hitting the "Search for Xbox" button I am confronted with an error message which says:

"MagmaTransfer.exe - Ordinal Not Found

The ordinal 5297 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll."

On hitting OK, I get the error message about not finding any X360's on the network and to check that it's connected and in Audition mode, which it is.

And I'm stuck here until someone has any ideas on what to do! :(

So...any ideas? :D


  • davidshekdavidshek Community Playtester
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    Sounds like you didn't get either Magma or "Games for Windows - LIVE" installed correctly. Uninstall them both from the Add/Remove Programs control panel, and then run the Magma installer again (it will install GfWL automatically as part of the Magma install).
  • DysonismDysonism Unsigned
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    Thought I'd let you know that unfortunately that didn't fix the issue. I'm still stuck with the error I had before :(
  • HMXMister_GameHMXMister_Game Harmonix Developer
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    This definitely sounds like Games For Windows is either installed improperly or (more likely) Magma just can't find it. You can also try re-installing Game For Windows after Magma is installed and see if that helps.
  • samqwesamqwe Unsigned
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    He's from England guys, the reason why he cannot conntect to his Xbox is that he uses the PAL Version of the game.

    "Transferring songs from Magma require a signed application (MagmaTransfer.exe) which communicates with Rock Band 2 on the xbox. As you correctly surmised, we have to re-sign the application for each version of the game, and we currently don't support versions of Rock Band outside of the US. We enable Audition mode in the patch so that in the future, when we can work out all the technical and legal details, we can bring audition mode (and RBN song creation) to Europe. Unfortunately, I can't give you any definite dates on when that might happen." - HMX statement

    sorry for the bad news...
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