Magma error: "[idle] at $time occurs before beat 2"

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30 hours later of sequencing, hacking, and generally tweaking the levels and I've almost got Magma exporting the compiled MIDI properly except that it throws this bizarre error: "[idle] at 3:1:000 occurs before beat 2". The very strange thing is that this occurs on the GUITAR track, but my moving the guitar [play] around I can get it to throw this error on all tracks.

The inconsistent throwing of this error makes me think that this error is misleading and that it may be a different problem. I do believe I have the tracks set up correctly, but there's something about the idle/play/etc. text events that are throwing the whole thing out of whack. I've tried removing all the text events except those that are absolutely required (drum mix, lyrics, the 3 EVENTS text events and the track names), but it doesn't seem to help.

Any thoughts?


  • buckaroobartbuckaroobart Unsigned
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    Replying to my own thread, but perhaps this will help someone. I fixed this by setting BEAT notes starting from the very beginning of the track. I previously had the BEAT track start on measure 3, where the music actually begins with a pick-up on 3:4. *shrug*
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    It's OK to have the beat notes going from start to finish, and I'm pretty sure after seeing this that it's necessary :) Your characters default to [idle_realtime] meaning they are not tied to the beat until you stick another event in, such as [idle] or [play], so having the beat markers start earlier won't mess up the animations at all. Glad you figured it out, I would not have guessed that!
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