Don't trust some of Reaper's MIDI note info

ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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Be aware that if you get Magma compile errors regarding certain MIDI notes, it will report a location as #.#.### (like 5.2.393 say)

But when you go to look in Reaper at your notes (or text events), and if you bring up the Properties window, it will display like this: #.#.## (like 5.2.39) (see attachment)

This caused me no end of frustration at 1am when I was trying to compile and I didn't figure out what was happening until today.

I would keep moving notes around trying to find the one it was referring to in the Magma error, and I could never find it. I didn't think to look in the Midi Event list, where you do get the full three digit display.

I found this problem in the Mac and Windows versions of Reaper 3.12.
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