Any good Wii Mics to use?

YesguyYesguy Opening Act
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Do you guys know of any good Wii Mics to replace my Datel? Put a link to buy it if you can!


  • Rich T.Rich T. Rising Star
    edited October 2009
    In my area, the *only* usb mic I could find at retail was the logitech mic bundled with *shudder* the Wii High School Musical 3 game. Fortunately, it was on sale at Target for about twenty bucks and Gamestop gave me a few dollars trade in credit for the disc. The clerk said they'd sold a lot of them since The Beatles had been released.

    The mic works great. It was well worth the embarassment of buying HSM3. :)

    Target's web site, unfortunately, seems to be charging quite a bit more.
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