Authoring in Logic - quirks and info.

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I work primarily in logic for all of my music, so I really don't like having to use reaper. As a result, Here are some quirks and info that i've found out in creating the files needed to author songs.

[*]Track Names - Currently Magma cannot use midi file generated by Logic raw. In order for magma to work, you have to add a track name to the main track with all the tempo/key signature track. If anyone knows if this can be done within Logic, please tell me. Otherwise you have to insert the track name some other way.

[*]Text events and Lyrics - Text events and Lyric events are created in the Score editor. Make sure you have a valid MIDI region, use the Text tool to add text to the score. You can move the text vertically wherever you wish to make things look cleaner. To make a lyric, create a text event, then in the Inspector, check the box marked "Lyric".

[*]Midi Notes vs Numbers - the note values don't appear to always be consitant or correct with the corresponding values. In the event editor, you can always type in the number instead of the note to get the events to the correct note value

[*] Midi notes and length - Make sure your midi notes have a length greater than '. . . 1'. Otherwise Magma will complain that you have two note-up events on the same beat.

[*]Exporting Midi - Make sure you select all the wanted midi tracks via shift-clicking when exporting to save them all as a single midi track.

I will add more to this as i find more bits of information that might be found useful to other Logic users.
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