Magma Error in reading Logic exports

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It seems that Magma doesn't match up track names with their tracks correctly if the midi file is from an export from Apple's Logic. After looking at the output of a midi file from both Logic and Reaper, i'm guessing it's because Reaper includes a track name for the first track where logic does not (the track containing tempo changes/ time signatures, etc).

The behavior in Magma when reading a Logic import is that whatever track is listed first is not found, and each subsequent track is read in the previous track name's fashion.

So my guess is that Magma is just importing track names and data as it comes in without actually pairing the track with the name. The first track name is being ignored because Magma thinks it is the master/conductor track. The rest of the tracks are being shifted by one by the count mismatch and the actual data from the last track is left without any name.


Tracks from top to bottom, BEAT, VENUE, EVENTS, PART_GUITAR

Result: Magma errors Cannot find track BEAT.

Example 2:
Tracks from top to bottom, VENUE, EVENTS, PART_GUITAR, BEAT.

VENUE is ignored, Magma errors with 'erroneous' track info. The info listed is the entire BEAT track. in the following fashion.
"Got message, but had no current track to put it into!".

So, is logic not obeying the laws of MIDI when doing its export, or is Magma just expecting a certain type of behavior that REAPER does? If it is the latter, any chance of finding a fix for this behavior?


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