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Hi all,

I don't want to flood these forums with basic questions...this forum should be specifically about entrance into RBN and not about Reaper questions, but I'm entirely new to this and hoping to get some basic things clarified.

Firstly, if all of these questions can be answered via tutorial videos/links to other sites, please let me know.

I'm trying to record on my electronic drum kit through Reaper. It's a pretty old-school set of pads (Yamaha DD-55C) and I have it hooked into my computer through a MIDI/USB adapter (M-Audio Uno 1x1)

I installed all the drivers but can't get Reaper to recognize my playing on the track. I set the input on the track to "All MIDI Channels" and don't hear a word. I wonder if it's a computer issue, because when I go into the Control Panel and select the default MIDI hardware to M-Audio Uno, it automatically switches back to "Microsoft Synth" something or other.

Basically as a workaround I plugged the output of the drums into the mic input of the computer, and am successfully hearing myself play that way, but I thought that since everything had to be in a MIDI format I should laying down MIDI tracks with the e-drum kit.

Anyway, appreciate your listening to my rant. I know this stuff takes a lot of work, and the only way I'm going to be able to figure out what I'm doing is trial and error and listening to people who know what they're talking about.

Any steps in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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    You might have neglected to "arm" the midi track into which you want to record. It's the tiny "ar" button on the left edge of the track.
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    Thanks for the reply, Paul. Unfortunately, this occurs when I arm the track as well.

    Is there any drawback to doing it the way I have it now, just going from the sound output on the kit to the mic input on the PC?
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    Hmm, your question confuses me because initially I thought you were talking about trying to record midi into Reaper to create a RB chart, which is an OK idea (although I have found that just dragging the notes with my mouse is faster in the long run).

    But in that last question you are asking about any drawback to recording audio output of your drums into Reaper.

    So now I'm not sure of your goal (which could totally be my problem, not yours!)

    Is your goal to create RB charts? Or is your goal to record drums (either audio or midi)?

    If it's the former, this is probably a good place. If it's the latter, probably the Reaper support forums are a better place (and they might prove more helpful in either case).
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    No worries, sir. I'm confusing myself!

    I was under the impression that the process was:

    1) Record (or import) all tracks (guitar, drums, vocals) into separate tracks on Reaper

    2) Create RB charts FROM that (by making them into MIDI somehow?)

    So I'm still on Step 1 - I want to record music onto tracks in Reaper so that when I get every instrument on a separate track, I can THEN try and create RB charts from that.

    I think the confusion lies with the fact that I don't know what outputting the drums as MIDI actually does, because I'm new at I'm going to tinker around some more when I get out of work tonight and try again.

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    OK. No problem!

    I would say take care of #1 first (which takes place on other forums, or with other educational materials).

    Then when you are ready for number 2, this is your place :)

    Here's a good amount of info about MIDI:
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