A Different Cover Thread (Powerglove fans unite!)

brownies4allbrownies4all Opening Act
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This isn't the regular thread asking about how covers will work, because I'm already aware that no covers will be allowed. But does anybody think this wouldn't allow Powerglove to get stuff in through RBN? This thought just crossed my mind, and I have grown very afraid...


  • RobbySuaveRobbySuave Rising Star
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    They play copyrighted music. It wouldn't be allowed.
  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
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    Did they have to get permission from another band? If so, then it's not allowed.
  • brownies4allbrownies4all Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    For those who don't know, Powerglove does metal versions of popular video game music. I guess in the end, that previous sentence alone tells me the chances of them getting in through RBN... When the whole thing was announced, I was stoked and immediately thought of Powerglove as a band that could really shine in th network. Seriously, what Powerglove fan hasn't dreamed of playing Mario Minor in RB? (it's the Super Mario theme)

    I guess the only way they could get in would be through regular dlc, and even then, blur is making a good point. They technically are playing copyrighted music. Though like other bands and people (Like some in RB, and upcoming in LRB), I would assume that they went through and worked out something to be able to make that music and put it on their albums that sell for money$. Otherwise, I don't see how it's legal in the first place.

    In the end, oh well I guess.
  • LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
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    Yeah, a cover is a cover. Many bands like that (I don't know about Powerglove specifically) also play original stuff, it just doesn't tend to become as famous as the internet stuff, so as a band, they'd certainly be welcomed on the RBN, just not with the songs that they didn't write.
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