Using Pro Tools for authoring

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Has anyone figured out a way to make the rock band midi template for import into pro tools ?

I am well more versed in pro tools then reaper. So this would make everything much easier..

Does anyone use pro tools for authoring ?

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  • HMXMister_GameHMXMister_Game Harmonix Developer
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    I think you will find that the combination of robust MIDI support in Reaper, plus all the templates and Macros that we have built for RBN, will make you want to use Reaper.

    There's no reason that you can't mix all your audio in Pro Tools, and we definitely understand the hassle of learning a new DAW (lots of people here at HMX were born and raised on other software), but Reaper is just the best tool for the job for RBN.
  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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    Mister_game speaks the truth. I would rather be using Logic, but I didn't really consider it mostly because I would miss out on a lot of the community info about authoring with Reaper.

    So I grunted through my 20 hours of painful "getting used to it" time and now I feel quite at home with it.
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    I am actually in the process of authoring songs for the label I work for Tooth And Nail Records. We have such bands as.

    August Burns Red

    To name a few.

    I would love to know when you guys are a planning to launch the rock band network and would love to chat with you guys about the initial launch.

  • eklynxeklynx Unsigned
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    My issue is that Reaper is not free. I have already spent my money on a full version of Logic Studio. Doing this in my spare time for myself, I can't justify another load of money just to do Authoring using the 'suggested' tools. If i get to the point where I can start selling tracks and can justify the expense, i'll be versed enough in my tool of choice to probably not need Reaper anymore.
  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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    Yeah I hear you. As a PS3 idiot, I had to buy an xbox, a GHWT drum set (so that I could use the midi-in with my homebrew midi drumset), an XBOX RB2 guitar, XBOX RB2 game, Xbox live gold, XNA premium membership, a Parallels upgrade, and Reaper. How I got all that plastic past my wife without her noticing, I'll never know. I'm a freaking magician.

    Now Reaper was just $60 which is the small business license that you can use if your annual revenue from it is less than $20,000. If my income ever goes higher than that, then upgrading my reaper license will be the happiest money I will ever spend :)

    PS: Please don't add up all that stuff and depress me with the total. Thanks.
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