Could someone walk me through how to author the Vocals?

jasonkobishopjasonkobishop Unsigned
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I'm a little confused on how to put in the lyrics, etc. Does anyone have a general walk through on how to do the vocal track?


  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
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    Have you added all your notes already? The easiest way to add lyrics is to use the import from text file function after you have added all of your notes.

    This is done by copying/pasting your lyrics into a text file and formatting them as they should appear in your MIDI track. For example, multi-syllable words should be broken up with dashes (com- pu- ter), plus signs should be included for slides, and # signs for talkies, if any.

    Then, you right-click and drag to select all your notes (except for phrase/OD markers) and press Shift+L and find your text file. If some of the lyrics end up attached to the wrong notes because you forgot a plus sign or something, you can Undo the action, make the change in your text file and try again.

    If you haven't already, you should read this to get an understanding of what's required as far as lyric formatting.
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