Part Vocal compile error in Magma

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Wondering if anyone else is having these problems. I've got everything all charted out, but I am just getting beat up by Magma on the vocal compiling. I have a good dry vocal, the vocal charting sounds spot on, and some of the Magma error outputs just don't make sense. For example:

ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (PART VOCALS): Misaligned vocal note at 55:3:300 (expected at 55:3:225)
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (PART VOCALS): Missing lyric for vocal note at 55:3:300
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (PART VOCALS): Missing vocal note at 55:3:330 for lyric 'am'

First off, my note/event is already at 55.3.225, and I don't have anything at 55.3.300. My text import didn't leave me with any spare lyric events or empty notes, and there isn't an 'am' lyric event anywhere near this mark. All my tracks are the full length of the file, and the tracks that Reaper exported look like they have all the right timing values in. Any ideas? I've tried moving notes/events to appease what Magma is telling me (even though its screwing up timing and events), but it doesn't seem to help. All of my 'am' lyric events show as matching with a note in the Event List mode.

Also, it returns this error:

ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (PART VOCALS): Missing vocal note at 1:1:000 for lyric 'a-'
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (PART VOCALS): Missing lyric for vocal note at 1:1:000
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (PART VOCALS): Vocal note at 1:1:000 is outside any phrases

There isn't a note in the first 10 measures, and the only text events are the PART VOCALS track name at 1.1.0 and an [idle] event at 4.1.0.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks....


  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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    I had some weird imports that were a result of smart quotes in the lyric file (not saying you do, just offering an idea of the kind of thing that can cause strange midi events to be created).

    In my case, the weird midi events were not visible at all in the midi editor. I had to view the notes in the Event List mode in order to delete them. See what the Midi Event List shows you (under the View menu in the midi editor)
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    I got this

    ERROR: MIDI Compiler: c:/users/ol753/music/smets/snoitan dectefni/infected nation/infected nation/rbn/in3.mid (PART VOCALS): Missing vocal note at 44:1:039 for lyric 'From'

    The vocal note is right there, and is authored for the word "From".

    Is there a minimum size a note must be or something? It's the very first word in the song
  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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    Just make sure the midi note and the lyric event start at exactly the same time. Or just delete both and create new ones in case something is corrupted.
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