Lego RB pre-order cancelled, what gives?

Pearl WhitePearl White Rising Star
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Just wondering if any folks have had thier preorders of Lego RB cancelled. As we have ours preordered from EBGames and twice now the status has changed to cancelled a day after the preorder being placed. As we live in UK, and we are planning to get it imported from them on day of release.
But every time we check our order its status is cancelled, and we are not cancelling it at our end. So we dont know why it keeps changing status.

Not sure if its as we are overseas and maybe they not keen to send overseas. Are there any other US shops we can try for Lego RB, if EBgames dont want our custom ?


  • skyttskyttskyttskytt Headliner
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    You might want to contact EBGames about it, as they're the ones in charge of canceling your order.
  • Pearl WhitePearl White Rising Star
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    Have sent them and email, just awaiting to hear back from them. We have ordered other US games from them before with no problem, so jsut thought we would stick with the same outlet for our Lego RB
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    I changed the title of the thread so people don't open this thread expecting to hear the entire game has been cancelled and wont be coming out at all.

    I was gonna say it might be your internation credit card causing a problem, but if you've used EB before then it shouldn't be. No idea!
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