So was there ever an official dev confirmation?

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On whether Lego Rockband will export or not. I have pretty much given up on Band Hero because the new drums are only for the Wii at launch and I dont have any of the GH stuff on the wii so I am looking at Lego Rockband. The thing is I wont be caught dead playing as a Lego person which is why I hope the songs are exportable.


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    Wait... are you serious?

    There's HUGE Lego thread on the main page here and you decided to make this?

    Yes, Lego will fully export (For $9.99). Jeepers.
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    Harmonix Official Announcement Forum" said:
    Disc export will rely on the technology pioneered by Harmonix to export tracks from the original Rock Band disc to the music library of Rock Band 2. Owners of LEGO Rock Band on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be able to enter a unique code from an insert in their game manual into a dedicated website. The website will provide instructions allowing owners to unlock the export functionality of LEGO Rock Band. At that point, players will be able to export tracks from LEGO Rock Band to their hard drives for play in all game modes of the Rock Band Music Platform for a nominal export fee of $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points). An internet connection is required to perform this disc export.

    Get to know the anouncements forum.

    I even suggest people who like to know stuff subscribe to it, then you get an email every time there is new official info.

    Its rather handy.
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    And your question is answered. Yay!
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