Totally New to Reaper/RBN with problems

TockeyTockey Unsigned
edited November 2009 in The Rock Band Network
All I'm trying to do is create one of my band's songs into RB and some things just don't seem clear. Can anyone please help a noob with some basic info?

I was prepared with the thought of RBN when we recorded in the studio, so most of the upfront work was done for us.
I bought a liscense for reaper, got all updates, etc.
I can import all tracks and have created a tempo. What the hell do I do next? For the life of me I can't figure out what I do next.

I've watched the one and only poorly informative RBN tutorial video on the web but even that one skips over this next step. They go from making a tempo map to "now that you've authored your song". What?

How do I put in jewels? What are the next steps?

Can anyone please give me a clue.


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