"Future Soon" Example Song Questions

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Thankyou to RBN for posting this btw, it's a great help - just got a few Qs

1. Tempo Map:
While listening to the song, the tempo seems quite stable throughout (in terms of tightness to what would have been their click) - So I was wondering why it's necessary to have slightly different tempos nearly every bar?

The track I'm doing at the moment, I have the tempos and time signatures used in the studio, so do I just stick to that for correctness, or do I need to go to the extent of "future soon" 's tempo mapping? Haven't fully got the hang of getting the mapping to snap to the wave files.

(for some reason the metronome seems slightly behind on my project file for future soon - visually also)

2. Vocal Authoring:
I've recently been told not to author the consonants etc - but looking at the example songs vocals, they seem to be authored exactly to where each word/syllable starts, including consonants. Is this how you initially do it, and later sort the consonant malarky out in Magma? confused.


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    Regarding tempo, what I do and possibly what the author did, is to use tab to find the transient for the first beat of each measure then hit Q to create a time marker at that point and repeat through every measure of the song.

    I do this because even if the timing seems pretty good for a few measures, it will no doubt start to drift, so correcting it tiny amounts each measure is a good way to keep it locked.

    I don't know why they charted the vocals to each entire word, but it does seem like that's what they did. For example, at MBT 14.1.55 they charted the word "class" with a length of .67.

    I would have charted that word starting at 14.1.74 with a length of .37 in order to remove the consonant sounds at either end. I found in my first vocal charting attempt that I did not trim enough off of each syllable my first time through, and it made it very difficult or impossible to score well while playing.

    So I had to go through every syllable to trim it. Now that I'm starting my second song, I am trimming it correctly right from the get-go and confident that I won't have to go through them all again.

    It's this type of learning that I figure will cut anyone's preparation time (and certainly mine) roughly in half from the first song to the second song, all else equal.
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    1) Yes, HMX makes all tempo maps by mapping every measure. A perfect tempo map makes for good authoring.

    2) The consonants are not authored in this song. Maybe your vocal audio file is misaligned?
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    Wow, each entire word definitely looks charted to me and I just downloaded it.

    Just for fun, can anyone else check the word I referenced in my post above (which I chose because it starts with a strong consonant sound) and see what they think? Maybe I'm taking too much off.
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    Hey guys, I've just been informed that since we wanted to get this song out to you as soon as possible, the vocals have only had a 1st pass. We'll be updating this file later when the finished version makes it way through peer review.
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    Makes sense, thanks!
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