L:RB Stage Kit Compatible!

JuniorpopJuniorpop Unsigned
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Just got popped in L:RB and happy to see that the stage kit works!

Now just make it work for Beatles. ( Fat Chance)

Out of (my) 340 DLC, 166 work in Lego.

Also pretty nice suprise, 22 of the RB1 tracks transfered as well.


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    Interesting info, thanks.
  • KrystofKrystof Road Warrior
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    Awesome news! Was hoping to hear this!
  • AppleTrakAppleTrak Opening Act
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    Thanks for this info. I just picked up the Stage Kit at Gamestop for $19.99. It was the actual sticker price. They said the price was slashed because it hadn't sold well. The Gamestop I was in checked and this was the last one they had in stock. They also looked it up and found the Stage Kit had been discontinued. So, if you have any thoughts on picking up the Rock Band Stage Kit, and haven't done so yet....hurry before they are all gone. It's dirt cheap.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    TBRB doesn't have lighting effects in the dreamscapes. I don't expect it to work with GDRB either, but it might if they use stage effects like they do in RB2.

    It's also possible it's an engine thing, which means RB3 might not support them, but it's WAY too early to speculate about that.
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