Track Packs and Full Albums not transferring to Lego: Rock Band?

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Since I messed up the thread title I made a new one, sorry.

I have all the DLC for Rock Band and I just got home with LRB so I wanted to see how many of the songs transferred. After it updated the song list I saw that 359 DLC songs did and 22 from RB1. I then went to the LRB Music Store and pulled up the downloadable songs I noticed that alot of the songs I already purchased come up that I havn't purchased them. After going down the list it became apparent that the songs I need to purchase are songs that I got in either track packs or full albums dlc. Going back out to the main page of the music store I noticed the Track Packs and Full Albums category have coming soon after them. Just wondering if anyone has any idea of when coming soon actually is because its about 240 songs that are missing.

After looking in my song list all of the ones that are listed in the songs list as not purchased are actually in my play list. Had to redownload the the David Bowie, Spinal Tap, and Queen pack but they are all there they just don't show up as purchased. So it looks like only 359 DLC and 22 RB1 songs are all that transfers so far.


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