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CrissCross87CrissCross87 Unsigned
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is there any particular reason this has happened to me 3 times each time i play the game? i haven't downloaded any new dlc! it takes so long, even when i first played Rock Band 2 after ripping Rock Band 1, it didn't take this long, and only needed to do it once... is anyone else having this issue multiple times? kinda makes me want to use the Lego Rock Band disc as little as possible due to all the loading. I'm using the XBOX 360 version btw.


  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
    edited November 2009
    Loading content took me about 4 min and of to the races I went, and i have about 650 total songs
  • badhack0x13badhack0x13 Opening Act
    edited November 2009
    I had this issue too at first! Took a few minutes the first time I loaded the disc and headed to the music store to export the tracks.

    Then when I fired it back up to play it loaded additional content at the world tour start, character edit screen, rock den, first venue...

    After a couple of songs it seems to have loaded all the additional content it needed, but I haven't played it since last night, and I hope I don't have to go through all that again! It was very flow-breaking when every. different. area. needed to load additional content!

    (But then I get the 'loading additional content' circle whenever I do something in rockband 2 still - it's a new feature with the patch, I guess? :P)
  • cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
    edited November 2009
    The "loading additional content" crops up even if you don't have LEGO (I don't yet). It's something that happened after the last patch, and is inevitable. Mine comes up EVERY time. But hey, it's only a few seconds. So.
  • folkeyefolkeye Headliner
    edited November 2009
    Mine is every time I play RB2, and we'll find out if it does it with Lego when it's loaded back up tonight.
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