Um...anyone else not get a L:RB code?

hobnailboothobnailboot Unsigned
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My 48 hours of free XBL Gold code didn't work when I got Rock Band 2 ('s 48 hours), and now this: no export card.

If I'm supposed to be looking for a little card like the one pictured on the export website for Lego: Rock Band, I don't have it. It's not stuck inside the manual or loose in the box. Am I stupid or something? (Please answer only as it relates to this matter. Answering, "Yes, you're stupid," while technically correct, is unhelpful in this situation.)


  • whofanwhofan Headliner
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    Did you purchase or rent it?

    If you purchased it legitly, I would fire off an email to Customer Support (Hmx's) with the scan of the receipt, and maybe a picture of the contents of the package explaining the situation and asking them what you can do about it.
  • cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
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    Or go back to the store first and ask for a replacement.

    If you email HMX's customer support for anything LEGO-related, they'll probably redirect you to Travelers Tales customer support. TT probably bears more responsibility for the game than HMX does.
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