RBN Keymap Not Working?

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I'm trying to get my tempo mapped in Reaper (song of choice is NIN's "Survivalism" since the raws are available - not going to release it, I'm just playing around a bit). I follow the website's instructions and skip to the first transient of the second bar, then select the full area with Shift+Left. Alt+Shift+C, though, does not do anything. I can't really get any of the RBN-specific keys to work at all. I've run the RBN script several times now, to no avail. Am I doing something wrong? Help would be much appreciated.


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    I also had to manually load the RBN keymap file - I am on windows 7, who knows.

    Try this:

    In REAPER, type a question mark, and the actions window should appear.
    If not, then select "Show action list..." under the "Actions" menu up top.

    At the bottom-left of the Actions window, click the button labeled "Import/export", which will bring up a new menu. In this menu, click "Import...".

    Here you will find an open file window named "Choose key map to open:".

    If all goes well, you will have a few choices here for keymaps.
    If not, navigate to the folder where you installed REAPER, and look for a folder named "KeyMaps".
    Pick "rbn keymap.ReaperKeyMap".
    Click "Open"
    Close the "Actions" window.

    Then give her a try!
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