you give wii a bad name

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ok, how do I start this. Rock band 2 was my favorie game of 2008, And still to this day I play it like an hour a day. I have bought every rock band game and planned on buying lego rock band. The sound track was pretty awsome and would be a great addition to my rock band 2 soundtrack. Now lets leave this fantasy world where the wii can do what the xbox can do. LEGO ROCK BAND CAN'T EXPORT ON THE WII! this was pretty much a deal breaker for me. This was one of the main things about rock band. The fact its not guitar hero and you don't have to disc swap. Now they seem to have switched places. Even for the wii you can export on guitar hero. I don't care that its a werid way how they do it at least they do it. Now not only can we not export our songs from lego rock band to rb2 or vice versa we can't use any of our dlc. WTF! why would I buy it if I can only use it for one year and BAM its gone, unusable. Thats so guitar hero like. I mean yesterday I loved every one at harmonix because of this and this ,and today im really mad. Now im not mad at harmonix. as I thought about it they did not really make the game. They just charted the songs. SO I still love them, but im pretty heart broken that this happened. I mean they were doing so good on wii. They caught us up on all the old dlc and gave us a game just like the xbox and ps3 version and they were not afraid to delay the game to make it happen. Why could they have not have done that with lego rock band? I hope at least they put all the lego rock band songs on the music store. Even though if did buy them I would have to pay 30 more dollors then the xbox and ps3 owners.....but hey at least it goes to a good cause. So yeah "shot though the heart, and your to blame tt games or what ever you name give wii a bad name"


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