Better Party Game?

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The fact that you can't fail makes a big difference, as well as the super easy modes.

So if your playing say a long mystery setlist, and in the middle a super hard song pops in. At least you can struggle through it and finish your set.

I was playing a 3 song suprise setlist on X drums. Some of the top tier songs really kick my butt. Got Rio on the second song, failed like 5 or 6 times but finished it with 1 star and like 10k studs. But at least I got to finish the set.


  • playmikeplaymike Rising Star
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    Children's party? Yes.

    Adult party, no.

    A good portion of Track Packs, DLC and Imports are not playable in the rated E Lego. BTW, there is no fail mode in RB2
  • newmanatornewmanator Opening Act
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    I don't know, I think I would rather a 'Skip Song' option on the Pause Menu than lose the points millions of times.
  • PCTraitorPCTraitor Road Warrior
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    I do prefer the lose points model over the end song model for failing. Failing a song is just not fun and deters you from playing songs that are out of your range. Go ahead and reduce me to 0 points if you want, but don't stop everyone from having fun because of some difficult part in a song. Believe me with adjusted scroll speeds a solo that is just tricky when you play alone becomes quickly terminal.

    No fail mode is fine, but you have to turn it on before you start and what if one of those hard songs just happen to come up when you are in a group that wants to progress in the game.

    I don't feel that the old punishing video game ideology is even true anymore when it comes to game design. Almost every other genre has completely removed punishing for failure in their games.
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    I'm giving it the test next weekend. I'm thinking LRB might be the winner for a casual crowd, but it's a tight race.

    RB2 has so much more DLC that everyone's bound to find a favorite song, but the interface might be a turn off. The difficulty might also discourage folks (especially drum-wise) but there's always the no fail option.

    LRB has those auto kick and super easy modes, that might help the non gamers w/o making them feel like complete losers, but the lack of songs might be a game breaker for adults (plus do children really listen to the songs included?). The Lego characters and stage antics might be good for a laugh though.

    This is where Neversoft outshines HMX with BH and GH5, and their Party Play mode and autokick cheat, but the song selection still doesn't hold a candle to RB2. If people's interest wanes, I'll probably drop GH5 into the console and give it a chance (GH5 wasn't great enough to warrant the $65 BH track pack).
  • raahsnavjraahsnavj Unsigned
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    Yes - for a few reasons.

    1. Auto bass pedal. No longer will everyone else be playing on hard or expert and that poor drummer on medium.

    2. Better known songs. Sure 50% are still odd out barely known songs, but queen, ghost busters, and a lot more recent radio songs that are very well known.

    3. Super easy mode - if any kids are coming to play, finally your band doesn't have to sound like crap while they are playing...

    Now if it is an all adult party, with people that can already play all the instruments... then the nod goes to RB2. But my parties never have that sort of make-up, as such I see LRB as the winner.

    Now just fix the DLC filter! (that means remove it or make it optional)
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