Is the export like RB1's export?

abacedsetabacedset Unsigned
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Yeah, so.
Is Lego: Rock Band's export similar to RB1's export, or is it like the track packs where you download it?

Just wanted to check before I do what I did with the AC/DC Track Pack (cancelled the download, deleted the temporary file, D'oh!)

Thanks in advance!


  • monkeyfishmonkeyfish Road Warrior
    edited November 2009
    Gotta download all 1.2 gigs of goodness. Go to the site and enter your code, snag another code for the 360 (PS3s aren't ready yet, and be prepared to wait a while if you're on the Wii), and redeem it for the export key. Go to LRB's music store, and you'll find the export download at the bottom.
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