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Ok - so I went to the store and rented a copy of Lego Rock Band. Gotta say that I'm really having fun playing it - the story mode is fresh and fun to go through. I think l may have to buy it as it's fun and I like a few more songs than I thought I would (didn't realize I knew that many on the disc - that Korn cover is just bizarre, didn't realize they were covering a Cameo song until I listened to it) - wanna export them to RB2 too.

My complaints would be:
1) Load times - I think there is far too much load time on the disc - even when your navigating thru the band menus there is delay - like going from the character editing back to the den there is a delay. Also had game freeze once - not cool. Also if you are gearing a game towards kids, why would you think it is ok for them to wait longer to load menus and songs? Don't they have less patience?
2) Singing I think is a bit off - RB2 singing it a bit better and more polished. I find the arrow shakes a bit too often and the response is a little "off" - did they change the engine from RB2??? If they did then change it back as RB2 (& Beatles:RB) has a slightly better singing engine.
3) Not enough songs for the price - yes I know this has been debated before. For $50 I don't think 45 songs is too bad, but when you compare it to other games (RB2 GHWT, GH5) that have over 80 songs on the disc then it is not a great deal (Yes, even Beatles:RB was not a great deal for the amount of songs, but I think the game plays slightly better plus you are paying for the Beatles name). Lego: RB $50 + $10 to export = $60 ($1.33/song) - for that same $$ I can buy GHWT or RB2 and get at least 84 songs for about $60-$70 (at the most this would be $1.20/song). That being said it is a better deal then buying them in the store at about $2 each - assuming you want all the songs & you don't get a deal on packs.

I do believe the game is worth checking out as it is fun - would like an update to fix any singing issues & freezing though. Is it worth buying??? Maybe - depends upon your opinion - if you like enough of them then I say yes, if not then it's worth a rental to try the fun story mode. I think I'll buy it as I found it fun & really would like to export these songs into RB2.


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