Unlocked items not showing up?

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Anyone else have items, minifigs, etc that have unlocked at the end of a set that are not showing up in the rock shop?
I know for sure that the pirate guy with the hook and the mic with the skull top showed up at the end of sets as unlocked but they are not in my rock shop.

If it helps i have the Wii version.
I will not even get into the bashing of this since it is all well covered in the forums already, but it bogles my mind trying to figure out how Harmonix would even allow their name to be attached to a product that is so unfinished and inferior to their recent releases.
Someone needs to hire a quality control guy to actually look over the game BEFORE it is released. (I would do it for cheap!)


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    Did you check in the office under entourage?

    Aye matey, there is the old sea dog.

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    The pirate is not an entourage member (I just checked) but thanks for trying.

    I know what set he was unlocked on so I will be redoing that one again to see if it unlocks him again. The skull mic i have no idea when i unlocked it since it was in the middle of about 6 hours of straight playing.
    These are the only 2 things that i am 100% sure that were unlocked that are not available in the shop, but I am wondering how many more are missing that I just don't realize.

    EDIT: I meant that the pirate is not available as an entourage member for me, Not sure if he is actually an entourage member in the game.
    Anyone have all the entourage members yet? I am only missing the last one on the studs side.
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    Jeez, sorry.

    The Pirate is my Street Team guy so I see him in the office now... but yeah had to assign him as such in the Rockshop under entourage then changed Minifig to Peg Leg.

    Maybe its a Wii Glitch eh?

    Bummer if so, everyone needs a pirate on staff.
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    Doc_SoCal;3226063 said:
    everyone needs a pirate on staff.
    That is very true. I have Peg-Leg, Mr &Mrs Patches and Bones all on staff, its the one with the hook for a hand that is eluding me.

    It would not surprise me at all if it was a Wii glitch, With all the other stuff they left out of this version What could it hurt to leave out some more...
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    Maybe the owner of Nintendo was scared of Captain Hook as a kid and wont let hooked handed people on his console.

    Its Hookhandism!
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