LEGO for kids - having a blast

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Well, I turned on LEGO and super easy mode for my grandkids last night. Their ages are two and four and they had a blast playing the game, really getting into the music and they both did very well on drums and on guitar. I will admit, they mostly strummed and hit the drums constantantly, but they had so much fun it didn't matter, plus because they couldn't "fail out" of the songs they had even more fun when the adults joined them playing medium and hard guitar.

For my family, this game is a huge success!


  • SonicRocker15XSonicRocker15X Headliner
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    Glad to hear the game is enjoyed by it's (technical) target audience! :D
  • ZephielZephiel Rising Star
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    SonicRocker15X;3230221 said:
    Glad to hear the game is enjoyed by it's (technical) target audience! :D
    Agreed. Awesome.
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    Great post again, Sayburr. I'm glad to hear everyone can enjoy it. I figured it would be a great hit with the kiddos.
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    my daughter was already playing RB2, but with lego, now she cant fail!

    with guitar, her hands just arent big enough to do alot on them yet so she has trouble maneuvering from button to button(shes 7, but you gotta admit, some people with smaller hands can have issues).
    so super easy mode makes it so she can rock out and lern timing(shes good at strumming correctly at least)
    vocals, she was already doing easy and now shes starting to pick medium, dont know what gave her the idea to kick it up but she did, she enjoys singing the most anyway

    and im really enjoying playing with her when i get the itch to play

    if only some of her favorite RB2 songs made the cut to play, but songs like smooth criminal, totaly understand why they didnt :)
  • cweaver8518cweaver8518 Rising Star
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    My kids enjoy watching this game more than Rock Band 2, maybe I should get them into it...
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    Thanks SayBurr...for posting as we bought the game for our grandkids too. And am so glad to hear our oldest grandson (5yrs) loves to try on RB2 or the we were are really hoping for this would be good for all of us! Our youngest is (3yrs) They come down once a month! We've showed them the previews and they are so excited and can't wait!
  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
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    Yeah, the opening cinematic had them both glued to the screen and Myla, the older, got mad at me when I hit the green button to bypass it. Had to restart the opening so they could watch it.

    Now, when I said they constantly strummed, I didn’t mean haphazardly. They would strum or hit the drum pads in metronome like rhythm, they just were unable to take a break when there were no notes to be played. For instance, Myla would drum and strum in an eighth note rhythm, but if the song only called for quarter notes with a pause on the third count, she was “overstrumming” badly. It was pretty amazing to me to watch these young children find and keep a songs rhythm even if they were overstrumming.

    Next time they are over, I am going to try and teach them when to strum/strike as the blocks come down. But, as young as they are it may still be too hard of a concept. Both of them would take a break in the middle of songs as their attention spans took them else where for a little while before they would come back and start playing again.

    The hardest part was trying to select a song as you had to get them both to stop striking/strumming long enough to get to the next song.
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