Question to those who have exported to RB2

sieesiee Road Warrior
edited November 2009 in LEGO: Rock Band
If you have exported LEGO to RB2 can anyone tell me if in the tour challenges they have done the same thing with the RB1 exports?

For example: Do they have Nightmare LEGO songs and so on going through each of the Headliner, Opening Act, etc.

If not I'll be very disappointed that I won't be able to play through the LEGO songs in setlists on RB2, I already know that if there is only 2 songs of a band (Bon Jovi for example) and LEGO provides a 3rd track it will make a Bon Jovi challenge, but I'm thinking about the songs like Thunder, Fire and Ghostbusters theme which will only have one track by one band in the game and won't have a setlist (with exceptions of the infinite challenges).

I'm from Europe, explaining why I'm asking, this isn't going to stop me buying the game on release date, just curious and excited for it. :D
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