Lego Rock Band Controversy?

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I don't want this to start any problems, please don't delete mods unless it gets out of hands and becomes problematic but hopefully it doesn't.

ANYWAYS onto the subject
there seems to be a trend with the 4 bands included in Lego Rock Band...

Lead Singer of Queen (Freddie Mercury) has gone out and said that he is gay

David Bowie has said before that he is Bi-sexual

as for Blur and Iggy Pop

Iggy has gotten accused of being Gay multiple times, and got beat up at a Bowie concert for it, because of how he dressed and his friendly attitude.

Lead Singer of Blur (Damon Albarn) went through highschool getting picked on and accused of being gay for the way he acted.

Anyone else noticed this trend???
Side note: love all these bands... well not iggy pop, i dont like the passenger very much at all...

Hopefully this doesnt offend anyone and im very sorry if it does ;-;


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