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So I'm planning to get Lego RB in 2 weeks time and I'm also planning to export the songs to RB2. I was just wondering how the export feature works. How does it work?

- Do I need to have the disc?
- Do I use a code like RB1?
- Do I have to pay for an "export licence"? Won't my RB1 export licence work?

Thanks in advance!


  • NulienNulien Opening Act
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    - Yes.
    - Yes... except RB1 didn't use a code as I recall.
    - Yes. No.

    I'm assuming you're on 360 (with "gamertag" in your sig). The game comes with a separate sheet in addition to the instruction manual, with a code on it. You enter that code on the website it directs you to, where you receive another code. Enter that 2nd code in the Redeem Code section of the Xbox 360 guide button menu, and you'll download a small license file. Then, go into L:RB, to the Music Store, and choose the Export option, where you download the 1.2 GB songs file.

    At some point along the way, you'll be charged 800 MS points for the export too.

    An annoyingly confusing way to do this, but it was largely done to prevent people from just swiping the code from the case, or just renting the game for a cheap export.

    Some people have had difficulty getting it to work... You might find some info here to help if that's the case.
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    Yes, you need the disc (you export it from within the Lego game), you also need the code that comes inside the Lego box, and it costs $10 for the export fee.
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