What is the best LEGO: Rock Band song? (Part 3)

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You all know how this works. Vote for your favorite out of the songs in the poll. After many rounds, we'll narrow this down to a single 'best' song in the game. As opposed to The Beatles: Rock Band version of this, the tracks are going to be put into the polls alphabetically based on their chronological order rather than just alphabetically.

Congrats to "Kung Fu Fighting," the winner of round 2!

Here are the songs in this round:
1) "The Passenger" ('77) - Iggy Pop
2) "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" ('77) - Queen
3) "Crash" ('88) - The Primitives

Who do I think will win?: Queen is going to win for good reasons. I don't need to explain it.

Past Results:

Round 1:
"Fire" ('67) - 55.32%
"Crocodile Rock" ('72) - 26.60%
"I Want you Back" ('69) - 18.09%

Round 2:
"Kung Fu Fighting" ('74) - 55.56%
"Ride a White Swan" ('70) - 24.69%
"Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)" ('75) - 19.75%

(As time progresses, I will edit the organization of the information. You know, at least until Ordeal returns)


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