LRB Lefty cymbals ok?

malcontentmalcontent Unsigned
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Could anyone playing LRB drums with cymbals check if the cymbals were fixed for lefties in the game?

In case you're not lefty, here's what you should look for:
* cymbals should make cymbal sounds, not drums sounds like they do in RB2
* a cymbal connected to the green jack should register as red, not green

In TB:RB it was fine. Well, the second point was fine, there's no drum fills there, but I was hoping LRB would be based on TB:RB engine (which is why it has stars and not only high scores), and then the cymbals would be fine too.

Thanks in advance to all repliers.


  • MicroserfMicroserf Unsigned
    edited November 2009
    Cymbals sound like pads, unfortunately. I don't know about mapping the green cymbal to red -- I didn't even know that TB:RB did that! I'll certainly be trying it out.
  • malcontentmalcontent Unsigned
    edited November 2009
    The thing that bothers me most is that the leaflet in the cymbals pack said if I connected a green cymbal and chose lefty mode it will be red, and TB:RB wasn't even out when I bought it - it was clearly referring to RB2. But that just doesn't work there :(
  • eke826seke826s Road Warrior
    edited November 2009
    I haven't even thought to try this yet, but it wouldn't surprise me that it still doesn't work. I was so excited when I got the cymbals to see that a red cap was included. So glad it was, since it's completely useless.

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