Drum animations?

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So I've been toying around with Reaper and Audition mode for a few weeks and wanted to take a crack at doing the drum animations since he looked so sad only bobbing his head while I tested songs. It seemed pretty self explanatory but I ran into a problem.

After authoring all the animations based on the labels, I pumped it through Magma into Audition mode and I started to notice a lot of the animations were just all wrong. I exported the chart from magma to check my animations and the auto-generated venue stuff to see what went wrong, and a lot of the gems I set for animations were totally changed.

Maybe I'm screwing something up and Magma's like "wow, wtf... let's fix this mess" but iono. I'll attach a couple pics of a before/after example from Reaper. ( no idea why I made that crash a LH one in the before pic <_< ignore that )

tl;dr: Magma's changing my drum animations?
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    Not sure if this helps, but I've found that for some reason it works better for me to let Magma do its first automated pass to generate animations based off of your Expert Drum authoring, export it and load it back into Reaper, and then modify that to your heart's content.
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