Web Content Week of 11/9 to 11/13

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Wow, and I thought this was a light week for new web content. Looks like I was wrong! Here's links to everything that went up in the 'Zine this week, including DLC write ups, a video of Big Dipper hanging out in the HMX offices and a story about HMX being featured in the Boston Globe's Top 100 Places To Work in Boston!


Crazy Little Thing Called LEGO: Queen Joins the LEGO Rock Band Kingdom

Queen’s adorable LEGO Rock Band video! Check out all that hair! Mustaches, chest hair and more!

Anarchy From the UK: Kasabian and Damned DLC Singles

A recap of the two UK hit singles that arrived as DLC this week.

It Will Get Loud! The White Stripes Finally Hit Rock Band

A quick introduction to the recent release of DLC from The White Stripes, who are joining Rock Band for the first time!

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 3 – Triple Threat

The third episode of the ongoing HMX podcast. Interviews! Bits! DLC discussion! Giggling!

Super Collision on Central Square: Big Dipper Plays Big Dipper

Big Dipper video interview where they play their own tracks in-game, and then they play Cannibal Corpse!

Working At Harmonix is Awesome

HMXthebeststeph’s first-person account of why working here is totally awesome.

SpongeBob Superstar! A Big Yellow Three-Pack of DLC

A quick little article for the most recent batch of family friendly songs from SpongeBob SquarePants.
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