Can anyone else download the songs on Xbox Live today?

taylorleetaylorlee Road Warrior
edited November 2009 in LEGO: Rock Band
For the record, I have the key and all that jazz, so it's simply a matter of going on to the music store, choosing "export songs" and paying the fee right? Except... it's not working.

When I click on purchase (via the LEGO Rock Band music store selection, before it zaps you to the official Microsoft purchase screen) it gives me an error, lying to me, and claiming that the information was not on Xbox Live, or something similar, and to try again later.

I tried downloading them at about 9:45 this morning, and whilst blazing through the tour, occasionally checking to see if it has been fixed.

I tried looking for it on the Xbox Live marketplace, as was often the solution when songs didn't appear in the music store, but it doesn't show up.

As of 5:00 this evening, I'm still getting the error message.

Can anyone else confirm that there's an issue? Maybe one of you cool developers can check the server status or something, because I'd love to be able to download the songs before I have to go to a party tomorrow!

Thanks for your time,

Taylor Lee.
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