"Practice Makes Perfect" achievement is glitched

Phil-BondPhil-Bond Unsigned
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Playing in quick play, on "Charlene," with all four band members on super easy, and three of them signed into Xbox Live accounts, we got 100% on every instrument on our first try. "All Four One" (finish a song with four players) unlocked for all three signed-in players, but "Practice Makes Perfect" (full band 100%) only unlocked for the vocalist (band leader/file owner), and nobody else.

We tried several more times, got three more full band full combos, once with all members on medium, and still "Practice Makes Perfect" wouldn't unlock for the signed-in drummer or guitarist.

Over at xbox360achievements.org, you can see other people are having problems with this too. They don't seem to have any good solutions or theories as to a cause, either.


  • raahsnavjraahsnavj Unsigned
    edited November 2009
    I experienced the problem this weekend as well... We tried a few different ways to get the achievement to pop, but it never did, for any of us. 100% across the board, the only thing I can think of is maybe the vocalist didn't hit all the cymbal hits?

    Oh, well, that was my only time I was going to attempt it...
  • HamKetHamKet Opening Act
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    Hey! This happened to me last night.

    My brother, my wife and I were signed in on drums, bass and guitar respectively, with a guest on vocals. We got 100% on Charlene, and the "Practice Makes Perfect" achievement only unlocked for them. We did it several more times, but it still did not unlock for me.

    Finally, I signed out of my guitar, and had my wife sign out of her guitar, too. Then I signed in on hers and she on mine. Completing Charlene one more time made the achievement unlock for me.
  • IanC14IanC14 Unsigned
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    Only player one gets the achievement, it seems.
  • raahsnavjraahsnavj Unsigned
    edited November 2009
    This makes sense as the people I was playing with were not signed in at all. Only me, so it probably 'unlocked' for one of those not signed in instead of mine... as such we didn't see it show up at all. Oh well, 50 virtual points to no-where didn't show up on my fake MS GS points card... what will I ever do. Not worry about it and get back to playing something I want to play on a difficulty that entertains me, that's what.
  • TroodonTroodon Opening Act
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    I did this, and NOBODY got the achievement, not even the one signed on, even though all 4 players clearly had 100%. Any ideas why it popped for nobody?
  • dillysfrienddillysfriend Opening Act
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    I'm not the only one who uses Charlene to get trophies! (Im on ps3)
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