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dabrry0523dabrry0523 Road Warrior
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Hey can someone show me a video of a song on Lego rock band were they have the foot pedal off so it automatically does it for you in the game. i would prefer it to be expert (if possible) and the song be the Final countdown by Europe. Thanks to anyone who can i just want to see what it looks like since i will most likely use it especially since im handicapped.



  • Phil-BondPhil-Bond Unsigned
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    It looks exactly the same as it would if the kick pedal was on. Watch any video of Rock Band drums on expert, and that's what it looks like. The pedal notes are all still there, the game just plays them for you automatically, without you doing anything. The only problem is that you occasionally still have to use the pedal for certain menu operations, but you don't have to be fast or coordinated about it or anything. You can just keep the pedal on a table if the floor isn't convenient.

    I totally recommend you go for it, and I hope they put pedal-free mode into more Rock Band games in the future, because it's a fun thing to screw around with.
  • dabrry0523dabrry0523 Road Warrior
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    does it work with expert levels though?? because im stuck on medium im sure I could do hard or expert if i don't have to worry about the pedal. plus when i get to hard and expert my foot kills by the end of the song
  • SonicRocker15XSonicRocker15X Headliner
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    It works with all difficulty levels, and boy does it ever work well.
  • dabrry0523dabrry0523 Road Warrior
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    cool cant wait till Christmas!!!
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