Keepiing unlocking drums to buy but can't find them?

BonzesBonzes Rising Star
edited November 2009 in LEGO: Rock Band
Help...I know we have probably over looked it a few million times :confused:.... BUT we have now unlocked 3 different sets of drums to buy but we can't seem to find where to buy them in the Rock store??? We keep going over every place and still don't see any of them? We feel a little silly that we can find all of the other items we unlock but that! Thanks guys for your help!!

We love this game!! It is so awesome!


  • DekieonDekieon Rising Star
    edited November 2009
    Make sure that the instrument that you are using when you go into the rock store is your drum set. If you are using the guitar, you only get guitar and bass to buy, and if you are using the standard xbox/ps3/wii controller, you only get Mics to buy.
    hope this helps
  • T-HybridT-Hybrid Washed Up
    edited November 2009
    If you're on gutiar, press yellow once or twice to bring up your drummer and buy drums that way. Once the band profile buys them it will be available for any character that is on drums.
  • BonzesBonzes Rising Star
    edited November 2009
    Ah... Thank you both!! we never thought of needing to be on drums as we were looking. We kept thinking they should be in with the intrustruments!! Thanks again!
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