Entourage Listing??

FancifulElkFancifulElk Unsigned
edited January 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
Does anyone have a list of which gigs unlock the entourage members? I have 9, no clue how to find the 10th.

Edit: Got the last one right after I made this post. Here's the full list and what they do:

I have:
1. Street Team Boss +10 fans
2. Music Video Direction +30 fans
3. Stylist +60 fans
4. Spiritual Guide +100 fans
5. Pro Sound Engineer+200 fans
6. Intern +10 studs
7. Record Producer +30 studs
8. Marketing Executive +60 studs
9. Accountant +100 studs
10. Top Promoter +200 studs


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