Porcupine Tree: Where Should I Start?

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Hey there. I'm looking to get started with Porcupine Tree. What album should I start with?

I'll pose the question in the form of a poll, since poll's are so fun, but I also want to hear some discussion. Which is the best for a beginner?



  • Dante1847Dante1847 Headliner
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    I voted for Signify: "Waiting, Phase One", "Waiting, Phase 2", "Idiot Prayer", "Dark Matter".....all these songs (and more) are very beautiful, album uses good segue between tracks.

    but Fear of a Blank Planet and In Absentia I would also consider good starts. The former has the epic, 17-min "Anesthetize", but "Sentimental" is to me the best song from that album.

    Ive just recently bought The Incident and have only given it one listen so far. Can say on first impression it's a very solid entry, and I like its use of segues between songs...reminds me some of Signify..."Octane Twisted" and "Flicker" were stand out tracks, but I need to listen to it more.

    hope that helps
  • EvilbottomEvilbottom Rising Star
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    Depends on what you want. Deadwing or Fear Of A Blank Planet is where you should start if you like Progressive Metal (though they are more of a strange cross between Prog Metal and Prog Rock). If you want Prog Rock then Lightbulb Sun and Signify are great starting points. Their first 3 albums are psychedelic and strange, but worth checking out anyway. If I was personally recommending them to a friend I would tell them to check them out in this order:

    Lightbulb Sun
    Fear Of A Blank Planet
    The Sky Moves Sideways
    In Absentia
    Stupid Dream

    and then the rest in any order. I think if you follow that you'll find out what you do and don't like from them (though personally I love it all =D)
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    I will support Signify solid album and one of Wilson's best as well as one of his subgenre switching albums so it has a good mix of genres as well :D
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    Signify is my favorite PT album, but I think (especially with the band's current sound) that Fear of a Blank Planet is a better starting point. Possibly get both of those.
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