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I emailed the support address listed on the export website 3 times, and all 3 came back because they were undeliverable. Anybody else having this problem? One of the three was actually a reply to the email that they sent me after I talked to them on the phone.


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    I've tried 4 times because the website glitched after I typed my export code in & now it says my code has already been used & still all I get is the same "we are unable to respond" response or a "failure notice". :mad:
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    Join the club, I have been having the same problem after talking on the phone to support. The email addy they send and want you to reply to just will not except the return email.

    Tonight I tried the reply but this time i changed the return email addy to the one list in the pinned topic on here ( as of now it hasnt been kicked back. Im keeping my fingers crossed it gets thru to someone.
    If I dont get a reply in a few days im just going to return to best buy and exchange it for a new one.

    I'll post back if it actually works out with the alternate support email addy.

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    I'm just going to say that if your code doesn't work, just forget about it. Return the game, trade it in, whatever. Don't even bother with it. Here's what will happen: You'll call, they'll email you, you'll need to scan the packaging, the disc, the codesheet, and the receipt and then email them back to support. They'll review it for a couple of days, then send a new code. I'm currently stuck in the waiting period. This is totally not worth the money I already spent on the game plus the $10 I'll still have to spend just to have the song exported. I'm very disappointed. In the process of trying to keep people from just renting the game and exporting, some of us that actually BOUGHT the game got screwed, too.
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    Hey everyone,

    We're passing this information on to our colleagues so they're aware that the email addy is not working properly for you.

    You can also find other contact information, including a phone number here at the sticky:
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    Thanks HMXThrasher for taking the time to help out with our problems.

    I recieved a reply to my support email today with a valid code to use on xbox LIVE or PSN. Lucky for me the other night a kind soul on here named redlummada passed on a code he got with his PS3 version of the game. (this thread ) So i decided that if i ended up getting a code from support, I would do the same and pass it along to another soul that was having trouble getting theirs to work. Im going to start a thread like he did to give it away. All I ask if you are the lucky one to reply first and get the code, is that you might do the same. If you get a valid code from support, help someone else out on here that is having trouble like we did.

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