Code Invalid/Already Used Error

JeffMaheuxJeffMaheux Unsigned
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I typed in my code the day after I bought it new & for the 360. The page it sent me to glitched & ended up being a blank page. I hit the back button, re-enterd the code, & it said something like "invalid code." Now when I try to enter it most of the time it says either something like "invalid code" or sometimes "code already used." I never got to the point where you give your name, email, etc. so I don't know what to do now since every time I contact the support email all I get is an "unable to recieve message" or "message failure message." Does anyone know how I can either fix this or get another code? It's past 7 days so I doubt gamestop will take it back. :mad:


  • billybobjoe1881billybobjoe1881 Rising Star
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    You have the same problem I had. At the top of this page is a thread called Lego Rock Band Support Information. It has a different email address than the one on the code site. This website will actually work. I don't know why they put the wrong address on the site that most people will visit.
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