LRB Song Export Problem

StrongwoodsStrongwoods Opening Act
edited November 2009 in LEGO: Rock Band
Hey there folks! Well when we finally able to export the songs from LRB, I went in and inserted my code, selected PS3, and got a code, but when I went into my account to insert the code, it kept saying that it was invalid! I tired going back to the code insert page and after inserting the code again (think it would work) saids that this code is no longer useable, GREAT! So now not only do I have to play the game, which I am sick of the kid-rated song filter, but now I cant even play these songs with my other RB games! Yeah, I would really love it if someone could help me out, or if their not gonna use their code please send it ASAP, through the PSN!

PSN ID: strongwoods


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