"A Day in the Life" and the Future of TB:RB Downloadable Content

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edited November 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
We all know that the album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is being released tomorrow - but by the way everyone is talking, you would think that we're only getting the song "A Day in the Life." Some people might not like that the other songs are getting this much attention (heck I'm looking more forward to "She's Leaving Home" and "Within You, Without You") but I think it's a great thing for the future of downloadable content in this game.

We all remember how the song "All You Need is Love" became the fastest selling song in Rock Band DLC history. I think this is remarkable in the fact that it was only released on ONE system. Imagine how well it will sell on the other two systems.

I think it's common knowledge that single songs will probably sell better than full albums, mostly because of the common people who play the game who will only want to buy single songs that they know or enjoy. Therefore, I think the future of DLC and its success revolved around the use of singles.

Enter "A Day in the Life." Beatles fans everywhere largely consider this to be arguably the best song the Beatles ever made. I can personally assure that this song will make a KILLING like no other. This could very well be the song that makes Harmonix devote more resources to future DLC, possibly other popular singles. What do you think? It's being released on all three consoles, it's available to everyone (not just the full album purchasers) and it has a world of hype going for it...


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