Chances to get on starting line up?

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So do bands who have fine tuned their songs through audition have a chance to get into the starting line up for public release? have i been misinformed and not know what i'm talking about?

is there anywhere i can find out this info if it's true?


  • NSIYusukeNSIYusuke Opening Act
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    :c I'd like to think Bluefusion will be one of the first out the gate, since I was one of the first to email a charting company and jump into the RBN, on the day it was announced, but... I think it all depends on when the public beta arrives/when the charting company/you submit it/if it passes Peer Review.
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
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    I'm sure once Open Beta starts, there will be plenty of time for any/everyone to have their songs peer-reviewed and submitted in time for the opening of the RBN store.
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