What's a European to do?

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So having been excited for a while about RBN and having an afternoon to read up on it all and look at getting the tools I discover a thread on here which says basically none of it matters if you are anywhere but North America because you wont be able to submit songs unless you're a resident of NA......

Is this true?

What's are all the European artists and bands supposed to do if we wanted to get involved in this?

I am very disappointed, is this going to change in the future?


  • NoThru22NoThru22 Road Warrior
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    You can use an American charting company to submit your songs and pay you your royalties.
  • FaderCreepFaderCreep Unsigned
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    I'm sure they'll want something in return for that, and besides what if you want complete control or you simply don't want to pay or go through unregulated American companies/hobbyists

    Considering how huge (and great) the European band scene is they must be making efforts to correct this?
  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
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    HMX has said they want to eventually allow all countries to submit songs but it's not possible right now due to legal issues that have to be worked out first. No guarantee of if/when it will happen, but they haven't said "this will never be possible."

    EDIT: Here's the post.
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    Then I guess we will have to live in hope. Hope is all we have if it's a legal issue considering the music industry can't even agree on what to order in for lunch at the moment.

    Hopefully this is a legal issue that doesn't involve the industry, seeing as it's already said you have to control the rights to upload anything, i'm not sure what the hold up could be that is radically different in NA to EU?

    I'm gutted. I was not only looking forward to getting my guitar leaning work into game, but writing tracks with RBN in mind even, and also just really think RBN has a lot of potential to add revenue to indie labels and bands doing it themselves...
  • FaderCreepFaderCreep Unsigned
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    trg007;3258198 said:

    Thanks. Seems promising, at least they want to do it.
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